Thursday, June 9, 2011

Please follow me to OAK House 5.


So I'v been down with the dreaded stomach bug. It was horrible, really, and I'll spare you the details but you know how, when you are sick, you can't really sleep but you can't really stay awake either? So I put on my favorite movies with easy going plots and great interiors so that I as I come and go in and out of consciousness, I am inspired by and reminded of beautiful rooms I dream of spending time and lounging about in. Like...

Carrie and Big's apartment in Sex And The City II

and Carries apartment. Her home away from home, who wouldn't love to have that?
Carrie's old apartment-SatC 2-2

The Breakup- apartment, loved the movie, love the city, love the apartment!

 Diane Lane in Under The Tuscan sun...

Need I say more?

The Cullen house from the movie Twilight...
twilight hoke house The Cullen House from Twilight   The Hoke House

For those who know me best, know how I love clean and modern interiors, I love this house, which happens to be for sale. Click on the link below for more pics of the Cullen home, I never get tired of this contemporary home.
twilight hoke house7 The Cullen House from Twilight   The Hoke House

Well, I would call this a, somewhat, productive sick day. Hope your dreaming comes with better health!


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