Thursday, June 9, 2011

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So I'v been down with the dreaded stomach bug. It was horrible, really, and I'll spare you the details but you know how, when you are sick, you can't really sleep but you can't really stay awake either? So I put on my favorite movies with easy going plots and great interiors so that I as I come and go in and out of consciousness, I am inspired by and reminded of beautiful rooms I dream of spending time and lounging about in. Like...

Carrie and Big's apartment in Sex And The City II

and Carries apartment. Her home away from home, who wouldn't love to have that?
Carrie's old apartment-SatC 2-2

The Breakup- apartment, loved the movie, love the city, love the apartment!

 Diane Lane in Under The Tuscan sun...

Need I say more?

The Cullen house from the movie Twilight...
twilight hoke house The Cullen House from Twilight   The Hoke House

For those who know me best, know how I love clean and modern interiors, I love this house, which happens to be for sale. Click on the link below for more pics of the Cullen home, I never get tired of this contemporary home.
twilight hoke house7 The Cullen House from Twilight   The Hoke House

Well, I would call this a, somewhat, productive sick day. Hope your dreaming comes with better health!


Monday, June 6, 2011

Follow me to OAK House 5.

Hey friends and followers, I'm sure you know by now that As Good As It Gets has a new home and a new name. As Good As It Gets was a great place to get started and learn everything I did and did not want my blog to be. I'm sure you are all wondering what OAK House 5 is and how I came up with the name OAK House 5, well, OAK is the first initial of each of our three daughters Olivia Abigail Kate and Of course House is for my love of everything that makes a house a home. I blog about family and friends, cooking and crafting, music and fashion, and of course my love for decor and design. And 5 because, of course, there are five of us in this House. OAK House 5 is nothing but my own little thoughts, musings, ideas and creative outlet. For those of you following Good As It Gets, I hope you will now follow me at OAK House 5. now, just scroll down and click the follow me link just like before! Happy Blogging!


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lubbock, TX, Robert Pattinson and Vanity Fair

.I admit it: I'm a sucker for RPats too so When he made a stop here in Lubbock, TX,  I, myself was a little star struck at the mere mention that he made a visit to our small town in West Texas. And although I am a shameless fan, and this is not his best cover shot, I still had to run out and buy it due to the fact that Water For Elephants is quickly coming to a theater near you! If you have not read the book, you better get on it, It's fabulous and nothing at all like Twilight, which is a good thing for Mr. Pattinson. And so I only thought it appropriate that I post a blurb our little town's mention in this month's Vanity Fair. Enjoy.
They stopped in a bar in Lubbock, Texas, where, for the first time in as long as Pattinson can remember, he sat and had a beer, undisturbed by paparazzi or fans. “No one recognized me or anything,” he says. “And I was like, Ah, this is really cool, sitting there eating chicken wings and stuff.” He’d been searching for a place where he could feel what it’s like to just be himself, and thought he had finally found it.
But then something happened. Word got out. “They always find out somehow,” he says resignedly. Suddenly there were a thousand people in the street, and the police had to come and control the crowd. A bouncer asked him, “You want us to go and knock someone out?,” and Pattinson says, “I was like, ‘What are you talking about? You don’t need to hit anybody.’ ” Now he and his friends were trapped in the same bar that had been an oasis of anonymity. A police escort had to take them back to their hotel.
-Full Article written by Nancy Jo Sales


Sunday, February 27, 2011

Home Spun Birthday Party

I know there a many options out there for birthday parties but there is just something about the simplicity of a home birthday party that makes me smile. Here, are some photos from a recent home party for my 11 year old daughter. We had no real theme, just had fun making homemade pizzas, playing boardgames and make your own ice cream sundaes. So simple and the girls had a blast! 

My friend, Allison Fannin, made these precious personalized luggage tags for the girls as party favors. She also customized water bottles for us which I unfortunately did not get a proper photo of.

Playing Apples to Apples

Making Pizza

Ice Cream Sundaes

Fortune Cookies were a big hit!

Happy party planning!


Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Little R & R

This weekend I surprised my Valentine with a spontaneous road trip to Santa Fe. We just threw some things in a bag, dropped the kids with Grandparents and hit the road. We stayed in an old historic Inn close to the Plaza that was very authentic and inspiring. Actually, my mother had stayed at the same Bishop's Lodge during her Senior year in high school and had saved some great postcards of the place circa 1966, so, of course that's why I decided on this particular little jewel of an Inn. 

We just walked around taking in the shops, churches and museums...

Everything we ate was fabulous!

So much beautiful jewelry!

All in all the weekend was a success. Home now refreshed and renewed and full of inspiration to carry me awhile! Happy President's Day to all!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm dreaming of a white kitchen...

White Kitchens traditional kitchen

Dreaming if a white kitchen....

traditional kitchen White Kitchens

kitchen white kitchen

eclectic kitchen WHite Kitchen

I Love a white kitchen. In fact,  I can not imagine myself in any other kind of kitchen, whether traditional or modern there is just something about a bright white space to make magic in. Some may dream of a white Christmas but I will dream of a white kitchen where I will prepare warm stews and candied confections galore and homemade hot chocolate. What???? A girl can dream, right.?